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Painted Lady Artifical Diet - Ready-Made


Our pre-mixed and ready-to-use heliothis artificial diet for Painted Lady Caterpillars (Vanessa cardui) is the most convenient way to keep the enjoyment of raising your very own painted lady butterflies at home or in the classroom.

Each container will feed 6 to 7 Painted Lady caterpillars from tiny larvae hatchlings to full size caterpillars, soon to become beautiful adult Painted Lady Butterflies! May be stored in refrigerator until ready to use.  

  • Comes in a rearing cup, complete with paper and lid which can be used as the rearing chamber for larvae!
  • Includes a full color informational brochure on feeding, growing and raising your own painted ladies from tiny egg to adult painted lady butterflies.
  • Heliothis artificial diet for painted lady caterpillars is currently the most effective artificial diet for growing and feeding painted lady butterflies, this specially formulated artificial diet provides a superior diet for young larvae.

Approximately 3 oz.

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