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Butterfly Collection

Monarch Moving Butterfly


Bring a touch of nature indoors with the realistic movement of an Active Aliforms™ Moving Monarch Butterfly

al·i·form - adjective -wing-shaped; wing-like

Create a calming and enchanting ambiance anywhere in your home or office. Beautiful Active Aliforms Butterflies start gracefully moving their wings when plugged in.  They make great gifts for butterfly lovers, gardeners and nature enthusiasts. 

These elegant butterflies are moving animated butterflies, simply plug in and enjoy its relaxing, silent motion.  For use on plants, flower arrangements, picture frames, computer monitors, weddings decorations, classroom or garden room.

  • The movement is similar to that of a resting butterfly.
  • The wings move about every 5 seconds.
  • Butterfly wings are removable and interchangeable.
  • Includes a 6-volt adapter (no batteries needed).
  • Silent motion
  • Flexible wire legs for attaching to just about anything!

Simply attach the flexible wire legs of the butterfly to just about any object, plug in and watch as your butterfly as it elegantly moves its wings.

  • USB Version Moving Butterfly uses a USB plug instead of the plug-in 6-volt power adaptor (USB version NOT COMPATIBLE with Y-Plug or Battery Packs)
  • Order the Y-plug accessory which allows you to operate up to 3 butterflies or dragonflies on one 6-volt adapter.
  • Add a "Battery Pack" if you do not have access to an electrical outlet!

All 17 Active Aliforms Moving Butterflies:
Monarch Butterfly (Most recognized butterfly in the world)
Yellow Birdwing Butterfly (Found in the tropical Philippines)
African Bluewing (Can fly up to 40 mph)
Polyura Butterfly (Very Rare, know for its interesting hind wing tails)
Swallowtail Butterfly (Loves streams and meadows)
Blue Morpho Butterfly (Beautiful iridescent blue wings)
Dogface Butterfly (Got its name from the profile of a dog on its wings)
Queen Alexander Birdwing Butterfly (Largest butterfly in the world)
Painted Lady Butterfly (Can be found most anywhere in the world)
Violet Morpho Butterfly (Amazing iridescent violet wings)
White Morpho Butterfly (Found in the rainforest of Costa Rica and Mexico)
Blue Emperor Butterfly (Like a piece of sky fallen tot he Earth)
Sangaris Butterfly (Flies high in the Rainforest of Central Africa)
White and Auburn Butterfly (Found in the rainforest of Africa)
Urania Moth (Not a butterfly, but a beautiful jewel toned moth)
Tropical Skipper Butterfly (Glow in the dark colors)
Leaf Butterfly (The unusual camouflage says "I am not a butterfly, I am a leaf")


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