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Eyespot Butterfly Wing Locket


Keeping the enjoyment of butterflies close to your heart is easy with this mystifying Eyespot Butterfly Wing Pendant. An interesting piece of butterfly wing wing showcasing the butterfly's eyespot on its wing is enclosed in this double-sided glass and decorative silver bezel locket.

Each butterfly keepsake locket comes on an 18 inch sterling silver chain and is beautiufly packaged in a natural kraft gift box with a descriptive Winged Inspirations Jewelry tag, silver polishing cloth and an organza drawstring pouch.

Divine creation can be seen painted on the canvas of a butterfly’s wing. ~K. D'Angelo

Reverse Side of Eyespot Butterfly Wing

Our Real Butterfly Wing Pendants swivel easily on the chain exposing both sides of the butterfly's beautifully patterned wing.

Pendant measures approximately 1" (24mm) in diameter and about 1/2" (12mm) thick

Butterfly Wing Pendants Available in this Size and Style:
Monarch Butterfly Wing
Swallowtail Butterfly Wing
Morpho Butterfly Wing
Blue Banded Morpho Butterfly Wing
Sulphur Butterfly Wing
Eyespot Butterfly Wing

The butterflies we use in our lockets have expired naturally and we believe recycling the wings is a wonderful way to continue to appreciate these magnificent creatures for years to come.


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