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Flower Faires

Diana Fritillary Butterfly Earrings


Adorned with the following natural materials: Swarovski Crystals, Blue Dyed Jade, Black Goldstone, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Sodalite, Onyx and Sterling Silver Findings

Earrings are available with or without sterling silver butterflies, please specify your choice below. 

Price with butterflies $40.00 
Price without butterflies $16.00 (not pictured)


Diana Fritillary (Speyeria diana)

In open fields of the Southern Appalachian Mountains one
might spy the magnificent Diana Fritillary gliding by. The
breath taking beauty is a sight to behold as she moves through the fields of gold, flaunting splendid shades of blue.

Winged Inspirations Jewelry comes in a decorative velvet or organza pouch. When applicable, the jewelry will be accompanied by a description and picture of the butterfly which inspired the piece, along with a list of the materials used in it's creation.


All the pieces in the Winged Inspirations Jewelry Line are created by hand using the finest quality materials. We have made every effort to accurately display the colors and finishes of our jewelry, however, due to the nature of the stones used in creating the pieces, slight variations in color, shape and size may occur. 

Winged Inspirations Jewelry was inspired
by butterflies and also designed to help butterflies
by reminding us that we are all connected!

 All of the sterling silver pendants and centered necklace links
created by Winged Inspirations Jewelry
display three joined butterflies centered around a flower.

Three butterflies connected, create a circle of grace.

 This design is symbolic of the intimate and delicate relationship
that exists between all of the Earth's creatures.
A relationship that we must always honor and respect!

The wings displayed on the back of the double sided pendant
show how we can all fly free when we live honoring this truth





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