Giant Swallowtail Caterpillar Eating It's Egg

New beginnings

Beginning a new Year...

  • Plant A Butterfly Garden
  • Organize You Digital Photos
  • Donate Unused Items To A Local Charity
  • Prune Your Vines, Trees and Roses
  • Call Friends You've Been Thinking About

Butterfly Gardening Tip

Attract More Butterflies!

Our Top 10 Butterfly Nectar Plants

Butterfly Bush



Coyote Mint


Pincushion Flower



Black Eyed Susan

Mexican Sunflower


Monarch Butterfly on Pentas

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Can I Touch A Butterfly's Wing?

Fall Butterfly Craft

Butterfly’s wings are covered with scales, which may rub off on your fingers when you touch them. That’s the powder you see on your fingers. But will this prevent the butterfly from flying? Will the butterfly die?

This is more fiction than fact. The truth is... read more.

Valentines Day
Butterfly Gift Ideas

"Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale"

Let this breathtaking Filigree Butterfly Necklace warm your heart and take your breath away...start feeling butterflies again.  A vintage ruby red crystal hearts floats upon its wings.

Butterfly Wing Keepsakes

A Divine creation can be seen painted on the canvas of a butterfly's wing. ~K. D'Angelo

Keeping the enjoyment of butterflies close to your heart is easy with a Butterfly Wing Keepsake Locket. Each locket holds a delicate piece of a butterfly's wing.

What better way to keep a butterflies beauty alive long after its miraculous life.


The butterflies we use in our lockets have expired naturally and we believe recycling the wings is a wonderful way to continue to appreciate these magnificent creatures for years to come