Rice Paper Butterfly
Dance of the Butterflies

Tiny miracles flutter by
Enchantment adrift upon the sky

Charming patterns of hue painted on wing Melodies of seduction they do sing

Flowers, friend and foe are engaged Intrigue and fascination are waged

Spectators follow with captive eyes
The alluring dance of the butterflies

~K. D’Angelo

Enter the Butterfly Dimension. . .

A Butterfly's World by Kristen D'Angelo

For centuries men, women and children, the young and old alike, have found themselves admiring the graceful flight of the butterfly. This aerial display, however, is only the beginning of this winged beauty's allure.

Rice Paper ButterflyOnce the butterfly has drawn you in with its visual charms, and you have become a captive audience, more wonders of their world will begin to be revealed, forever rendering you a willing student.

The butterflies domain is one of mystery and grace, where the miracle of metamorphosis rules. The tiniest egg becomes a colorful caterpillar. That caterpillar then changes into a curious chrysalis, from which then emerges a butterfly. . . a breath of beauty drifting upon the breeze.

As an eager pupil of these soaring sensations, you will discover their magical world unfolding into yours.

Nevermore will a flying flower drift by you unnoticed - K. D'Angelo

Your enamored eyes will seek out and follow a fleeting butterfly as if it were a tiny flying miracle harboring the secrets of life within its wings. Greeks used the word "Psyche" in their language to describe both a butterfly and a soul. It seems that they too found themselves infatuated and inspired by these lovely creatures and their miraculous journeys.

Awaken to the universes simple gift of the butterfly. Watch with fascination and joy as a jeweled treasure glides by and gently touches your soul.
Rice Paper

Sharman Apt Russell, author of "An Obsession with Butterflies" writes about how being aware of butterflies can add a whole new dimension to your life. Not the 4th dimension, no, not even the Twilight Zone, but you will have crossed over to "The Butterfly Dimension". This is a place where small miracles flutter by and mysterious metamorphosis rules.

Whether you are just beginning to watch butterflies as they fly about their natural habitat or attempting to attract them in by creating a "Butterfly Garden", you are opening your eyes to experience a whole new world.

Nevermore will a flying flower drift by you unnoticed - K. D'Angelo
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