All over the world butterflies soar into the hearts of man, they sail boundless and free, speaking the universal language of beauty ~K. D’Angelo

What Customers are Saying About Obsession With Butterflies and our Unique Collection of Butterfly Gifts, Jewelry and Butterfly Larvae Kits

We are pleased to share some of the wonderful notes, comments, mentions and emails we've received from customers throughout the years.

Hi Vicki, I just wanted to let you know my beautiful Monarch locket just arrived and I am in love with it. Not long after it arrived I received the call to say my Brother’s ashes are ready to be collected. I will now be able to put a sprinkle of his ashes in the locket and wear it close to my heart. Thank you so much for your understanding, perfect customer service, super fast delivery and your exquisite pieces.
Warmest Regards, Jodie

Thanks Vickie!  You guys are awesome!  I told my friends about you & your company.  I don't think any of them are as crazy as I am with all this butterfly business but I'm trying to get them to appreciate everything about them!
I'm going to try my best to find some milkweed plants.  You're right, monarch caterpillars are so dang cute!!!! 
Sincerely, Cindy

Awesome!!! Both of my kids LOVE the Fairy Garden we created last Christmas. It is a highlight in our backyard whenever anyone comes to visit. Thanks again. your assistance is always impeccable.
Kind regards Gina

Thank you for all your help today Vickie. I really appreciate it. I look forward to ordering more Flower Fairy items for my nieces in the future.
With Gratitude, Karen

Looks great [invoice]!  Thank you so much for all your help.  You are as delightful as your store...which I adore!!! Have a great day.

Thank you for the safe arrival of the Butterfly Puzzle, arrived in time for Birthday and was really enjoyed in the making, in fact it sits on the coffee table still.
Sincerely, Jennifer

So delicate and safely packaged. I never thought about a fairyland until the little girl next door suggested using them in my terrarium so the little clay fisherman at my mirror lake just got laid off.

Wow, your service is outstanding. That's the first time someone treated me like an actual person on the INTERNET! Thanks a lot! And it's ok! I might go for the blue (Blue Morpho Butterfly in a Jar) one anyway! :)

Vickie, we are so blissfully ecstatic that you inspired us to fall in love with the beauty of caterpillars and butterflies in the most splendorous of ways! 'Tis magical and the most dazzling of experiences ever! : ) You are truly and brilliantly inspiring, Vickie, and such a beautiful spirit! : )
With lots of love, Leah

I opened it up and played with it for a little while before gift wrapping and packing it back up to ship to my mom. My daughter and I both want one (Butterfly In A Jar) for ourselves now
Thanks very much! Brenda

We received the food for the caterpillars yesterday...we have MANY of them (painted lady larvae) and they are enjoying the yummy food. I can’t believe that we were actually successful at this, especially at this time of year. They ate some thistle leaves, as they waited for your food to arrive. How fun! Thanks so much for rushing the shipment before Thanksgiving! We will order again! Any suggestions on what we should do with these little creatures being that it is almost winter?

I am so happy I found your site, it is perfect & beautiful Thank you,

Vickie, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Vickie - was just cleaning up email - realized I never thanked you for sending out the second kit.  The butterflies happily developed and flew away!

Hi Vicki Thank you very much for that and can I just say I love all the products on your website they are fantastic!
Thanks Katrina

Dear Obsession With Butterflies, Thank you so much, my best friend received the Pink Morpho Butterfly Jar on her birthday yesterday even though it wasn't planned and just adores the butterfly jar!! She was amazed. It meant a lot to me her dad passed away last year in an accident and finds butterflies are her connection to him. Thank you! thank you again!! Several people have inquired about the jar. I will be sure to refer them to you!

I just ordered the Monarch Butterfly Wing Locket which I LOVE to pieces!
Thank you so much, Stacy

Hi Vickie, Thank you so much but it (Enchanting Crystal Butterfly Pendant) got delivered 2 days ago : ) I want to thank you for your customer service. It's such a pleasure to buy something that not only is BEAUTIFUL but also to buy it from someone who cares so much about their customers. Thank you!!! I will be letting everyone know about your website.
Have a great New Year! Britney

Dear Kristen and Vickie
I am writing to say thank you for donating the beautiful butterfly tea towels for our 7th Annual Monica Williams Walk for Ovarian Cancer. The winner of the tea towels was thrilled to win such a lovely prize! The other items (butterfly toys) were a big hit with our younger participants!
Sincerely, Margaret The MONARCH Charitable Organization

Dear Kristen, Thanks for the fast delivery of the butterfly. I'm sure my niece is going to love it! Have a great day!

Dear owbutterflies, Parcel arrived in Russia, everything works as expected. Butterfly in jar is very beautiful and moves like alive! Thank you very much for helping me with getting it.
Sincerely yours, Andrey

It is a pleasure doing business with such an honorable business. I will recommend you to others with similar interests. PS – I like your business. I had two entomology classes in college and made insect collections with my kids as they were growing up for an interesting outdoors activity. You might think of expanding beyond butterflies to include insects as a whole. I think there may be interest and demand for such an educational outdoors activity. Bugs seem everywhere and kids have an interest in them. Thanks again,
Sincerely - Paul

Awesome website Vicki! Thank you for sharing:) We are excited for our new butterflies.
Hugs, Dr. Stacey

I received my butterfly beaded clutch today:) it's beautiful and perfect for my wedding day!!!
Thank you:) Michelle

Oh My Goodness! I was just introduced to your site by Annie of Moo Poo Teas, and I am in love. I can't wait to spend more time exploring. Butterflies are the focus of my garden, and stumbling upon this site was like walking into paradise!!

Hi again, I just wanted to let you know that I went on your site tonight and purchased some other items as well that I am going to pull together for a children's prize basket.  Have a great day,

Thank you so much, my 4 year old and I are looking forward to watching her butterflies grow . I will always recommend your site for caterpillars.
Sincerely, Delaynia Winchester

The magnifying glass necklace is beautiful! And the magnifier is of good quality, works very well. Thanks for your great communication during this transaction!

I'd like to thank you for the easy and fast negotiation, and one more thing, by the simple gesture of signing the invoice and wishing me to enjoy the product made it really personal. It showed that it wasn't just another sale you'd gotten. It was something personal. I loved it! (My Butterfly In A Jar) Thank you and I wish you success and happiness!

Thanks for the time you took a couple of weeks ago to speak with me about my caterpillar problems. Your advice was perfect. As soon as I removed the light source, the caterpillars decided to eat! Many of them are doing really well. You saved the day, and I appreciate it!
Thank you!!!

OMGosh!!! Your blog is absolutely amazing! I loved every bit of it from start to finish. Your pictures are incredible. My son loved looking at the cycle of life that you captured so vividly with a touch of whimsy and plenty of heart.

I just wanted to say that the butterfly magnifying glass necklace is perfect. It's so beautiful and functional that it will be worn and used often. The delivery was prompt and the price was great.
Thank You, Elizabeth

How exciting. Who would have thought you could start something and make it into something grand just by loving it :)

Hi! What a beautiful website!

Many thanks for your prompt response and outstanding service! I will be sure to tell all the mums about you at playgroup – it is especially good for us at the moment to shop in the US due to the strong Australian dollar.
Thank you, Nikki

Check out their Obsession With Butterflies website, a complete butterfly utopia! I am loving it.
Abra @StrangeGardens

Hello, thank you for your wonderful website. I found the site while doing research for Zen Cart templates and began to inspect your site closely. It is incredibly beautiful. Then I began reading your words and your passion for butterflies is obvious. You have inspired me to plant more butterfly gardens.
Warm regards, Jules

I am not sure who made the gorgeous earrings i just bought, Kristen or Vickie... i am a butterfly nut...have pictures and photos, and pillows and necklaces and earrings and clothing and headbands and curtains, and glass ones and on and on of them. I bought the buckeye butterfly earrings and am wearing them all the time. Thank you!!

Dear Vickie and Kristen, Thank you for a wonderful presentation. I had very positive feedback from the members. As I had said, the ladies always have questions and today was no exception. They also liked the handouts. The butterfly theme was carried out by the lunch committee, which I have never seen done before. That proves they thought the topic was of interest to the club. Good luck with Obsession with Butterflies and if you hear from other clubs in the future you'll know they were referred by me. Have a happy flutterby year. Linda Haug - Program Chairman Year Around Garden Club

Your "Flutter-Blog" is beautiful and intriguing.

A cool theme for a great blog!!! Good luck with this wonderful obsession!!!
Catarina Yamamoto a.k.a. A_Flama.

Hi I just wanted to say that I received your item the other day. Thank you for the fast shipping and also I have to say it (candle snuffer) was really beautiful.

Dear Kristen, I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your site. The photos are lovely and the copy is just beautiful. I know how much work goes into maintaining a site. Your site is not only attractive but easy to use. I noticed you come up in the top 10 on google which is quite an accomplishment!

I just wanted to send you a thank you for sending my order to me before the holidays. I have been so absorbed in my new job, that I completely forgot to follow up with you and pick up my things :) I really appreciate you making the effort to get them to me - and they are adorable! I will recommend your site to my friends and family! I hope you had a great holiday season and please have a wonderful New Year full of butterflies!

I am soooo impressed with your website, can't wait to get started with my butterfly garden!

All over the world butterflies soar into the hearts of man, they sail boundless and free, speaking the universal language of beauty ~K. D’Angelo
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