One could spend a lifetime lost in a butterfly’s wing ~K. D’Angelo

Butterfly Web Sites

  • Monarch Monarch Watch

    Preserving monarch breeding and overwintering habitats, migration monitoring, educational curricula and butterfly conservation.
  • Raising Butterflies

    This website is an encyclopedia of knowledge designed to help beginners and to encourage seasoned veterans the specifics of raising butterflies from Western North America and beyond.
  • Journey North

    Journey North engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change.
  • International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc.

  • IBBA is the largest and oldest professional butterfly farming trade association.
  • Natural History Museum - Butterfly Host Plants

  • Database of the world's lepidopteran butterfly host plants.

  • Butterfly Facts

  • Fun and interesting butterfly facts, lots of information on butterfly gardening, life cycle, book reviews and more!

  • Butterfly Adventures

  • Repopulating the planet with beautiful, homebred butterflies from Australia. Gorgeous fluttering winged creatures are destined for freedom and flight, released to celebrate love and life.

    World Wide Butterflies

    Supplying butterflies and moths to schools and educational establishments for over half a century.

    Butterflies in Your Playground

    Have you ever played on the playground at school and seen a butterfly floating through the air? They are beautiful and graceful, and if you don't know much about them, this page is absolutely full of helpful links, butterfly FAQs, Butterfly Gardening, Fun Facts and How to Build a Butterfly Feeder!

Butterfly Conservation

  • The Butterfly Conservation Initiative

    The Butterfly Conservation Initiative is dedicated to the conservation of threatened, endangered, and vulnerable North American butterflies and the habitats that sustain them, with a focus on recovery, research, and education.
  • Sea and Sage Audubon Society

    A leader in creating an understanding of nature in Orange County through conservation, research and environmental education programs for children and adults.
  • The Xerces Society

    The Xerces Society is an international, nonprofit organization that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitat.
  • Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust

    Charitable trust protecting New Zealand's butterflies, moths and their habitat, some of which are at risk from environmental factors.

Nature Products

  • Haven Brand Manure Teas

  • Authentic Haven Brand offers a full line of all-natural, premium soil conditioner teas for the home gardener, landscaper and farmer.

  • Wards's Natural Science

    Since 1862, Ward's has been the leading provider of the highest quality educational supplies that make teaching easier.

Live Butterflies

  • Chase N Butterflies

    Live butterflies for release, live caterpillars, butterfly themed party supplies and more
  • Swallowtail Farms

  • One of the largest producers of Monarch butterflies for ceremonial releases and educational uses in the U.S.A.

Butterfly & Nature Blogs

  • Flutter-Blog

    The “OWB Flutter-Blog” was created as a means to interest and educate others about these enchanting creatures.

  • Orange County Chapter of NABA Blog

    The Orange County Chapter of NABA's Blog is a place for anyone who interested in sharing their butterfly related information, butterfly gardening tips, butterfly sightings, stories and questions.

Nature Websites

Nature Photography

  • OWB Butterfly Photography

    Butterfly and Nature Photographs by Kristen D'Angelo and Vickie Cole

One could spend a lifetime lost in a butterfly’s wing ~K. D’Angelo
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