These gems have life in them, their colors speak, say what words fail of. ~George Eliot
Malachite Butterfly Jewelry

Gems of Divinity

Cherish a Citrine Sunrise
Delight in Sapphire Skies

Journey Forests of Deep Jade
Watch Amber Leaves Cascade

Glimpse Sweet Violets in Amethyst
Behold Tourmaline as Rainbow Mist

Explore Jasper's Wooded Maze
Spot Emerald's in a Leopard’s Gaze

Sail Oceans of Aquamarine
Discover Opal on Butterfly Wing

Embrace Garnet as it Turns Twilight
Spy Onyx Heralding in the Night

Revel at Diamonds Sparkling Above
Rejoice as Moonstone Reflects Their Love

Celebrate God's Canvas of Creativity
Treasures Nature's Gems of Divinity

K. D'Angelo

Olivewing Butterfly JewelryMorpho Butterfly Jewelry

The beautifully orchestrated forms found in Nature, such as the gemstone and butterfly, are music for the eyes, symphonies for the soul. But what would these ensembles be without their incredible and vast display of color? What would an orchestra be without the sound of its instruments harmonizing together?

An artist once said, “It is not form which dictates color, but color that brings out form” and what could better illustrate this concept than the imagery of both the gemstone and the butterfly.

Imagine a ruby lacking pigment or a monarch butterfly without hue. Now picture that same monarch set upon a drab flower in an ashen garden. Imagine colorless crown jewels set upon a princess’s head. No concertos going on here!
Nature serenades me and happily I lose myself in her sweet song…KD
Monarch Butterfly Jewelry

Always, I have had a great love for Nature, adoring and surrendering myself to her brilliant and graceful tunes. Whether I am hearing the song of a citrine sunrise, an amber leaf cascading or an opal butterfly wing in flight… I find all of her works to be vivid and spectacular, the begetting of a divine opus.

The arrangement of each piece moves me deeply. Hue and form ebb n’ flow together in perfect harmony, complimenting one another on a never-ending canvas, creating a visual duet.

Divine creation can be seen painted on the canvas of a butterfly’s wing… KD
Divalis Butterfly Over

The Winged Inspirations Jewelry Line was inspired by Nature and her wonderfully colorful compositions. By selecting gemstones that celebrate the colors found on butterfly wings, I hope to create jewelry which not only visually fulfills, but also reminds one of Nature’s lovely and amazing symmetry, of which we are all a part.

Adorn yourself in Winged Inspirations jewelry and know that you are part of Nature's radiance, part of her enchanting and delightful song. Fly free on the wings of grace and let your spirit soar! Allow your inner beauty to shine out and waltz like a melody with the world.Malichite Butterfly Jewelry

Emerson said, “The hues of the opal, the light of the diamond, are not to be seen if the eye is to near.” I like to think that he could have also said that they are not to be heard if the eye is to near. Either way, it is my wish that you enjoy Winged Inspirations Jewelry and that each piece, each composition, will make your heart sing!

Oh, gentle spirit fly free on the Wings of Grace, rise beyond sunset skies into the dawns of paradise… KD
Kite Butterfly Jewelry

Winged Inspirations Jewelry was inspired by both gemstones and butterflies, but was also designed to help butterflies by reminding us that we are all connected with Nature!

Paris Butterfly Jewelry

The sterling silver pendants and centered necklace links shown in the Winged Inspirations Jewelry line display three joined butterflies centered around a flower. Three butterflies connected, create a circle of grace.

This design is symbolic of the intimate and delicate relationship that exists between all of Nature's creatures. A relationship that we must always honor and respect! The wings displayed on the back of the double-sided pendant show how we can all fly free when we live honoring this truth.

Winged Inspirations Butterfly Jewelry Tag Winged Inspirations Butterfly Jewelry Tag

Butterfly Days

Take the day
Remember the Glory
that surrounds you
Behold colorful

Watch with delight
while a Butterfly’s Beauty
Reflects in the
sparkle of
Your Eye

Know only Grace
as she encircles from above
Gently embracing
Your Heart

Soar peacefully with Her
On the wings
of the
Perfect Love
You Are

Kristen D’Angelo

Malachite Butterfly Jewelry

I celebrate myself, and sing myself, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging me, as good belongs to you. ~Walt Whitman
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