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All over the world butterflies soar into the hearts of man, they sail boundless and free, speaking the universal language of beauty ~K. D’Angelo
Costa Rica
New Zealand
Spain / Canary Islands
United States


ButterfliesButterfly World South Africa

Butterfly World is the largest butterfly park in South Africa where live butterflies fly freely in a beautiful covered garden.

Red Lacewing ButterflyButterfliesButterflies for Africa

Walk-through Butterfly House housing both exotic and indigenous butterflies.

ButterfliesLudwig's Roses Butterfly Wonderland

Amazing tropical butterfly garden with exotic and indigenous butterflies.


ButterfliesMariposas del Mundo - Museum of Entomology

An entomological museum that harbors important collections of Lepidoptera, Coleopteran and diverse exotic arthropods from around the world.


ButterfliesCoffs Harbour Butterfly House

Walk among hundreds of live butterflies in an all weather indoor rainforest setting. Share the world of the butterfly as they fly, court, mate, sip nectar or rest in the light showing off their fascinating colours and patterns.

ButterfliesThe Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Cairns, Australia - At the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, located in the heart of Kuranda, more than 1,500 colourful tropical butterflies flitter and flutter around their large tropical enclosure in complete safety. All butterflies at the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary are denizens of the Tropical North Queensland region, and can be found in the surrounding lush tropical Australian rainforests. Experience the breathtaking beauty of the vibrant electric blue Ulysses butterfly (the unofficial emblem of Tropical North Queensland) and the majestic iridescence of the Cairns Birdwing butterfly.

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ButterfliesCoffs Harbour Butterfly HouseImperial Tropical Butterfly House (Schmetterlinghaus) in Vienna

The historical Vienna Butterfly House (Schmetterlinghaus) is located right in the heart of the city, part of the Hofburg palace, just 200 meters from the opera building. Come and be amazed by hundreds of live, free-flying tropical butterflies, in an exciting recreation of their natural rain forest environment. This magical experience is right in the centre of Vienna, just 200 meters from the opera building. The butterfly house is to be found inside one of the worlds most magnificent "Jugendstil" greenhouses, a part of the royal palace (Hofburg) and a tourist attraction in its own right.


ButterfliesTropical Wings Nature Center

A screened and landscaped 42'x60'x21’ butterfly house, spotlighting a wide variety of free-flying butterflies native to Belize.

ButterfliesButterfly Breeding Center at Shipstern Nature Reserve

The Breeding Center supplies Great Britain, United States, Japan, and Singapore with pupae for their own man-made butterfly habitats. Close to 200 species of butterflies can be seen in the Reserve's forest. It's best to visit the Butterfly Center on a bright, sunny day as butterflies often hide behind foliage on overcast or rainy days.

Belize Butterfly HouseButterfliesGreen Hills Butterfly Ranch and Botanical Collections

Flocks of butterflies, from brilliant blue to gorgeous orange, dazzling yellow to intriguing gray, fly freely in a 2,700 sq. ft., beautifully landscaped flight area. The largest live butterfly display in Belize! Also an active breeding facility which has bred more than 70 Belizean butterfly species.



ButterfliesButterfly World - Butterfly House

They're everywhere... hundreds of them , all sizes, shapes and colors ranging from the Giant Atlas Moth (10" wing span) to the tiny Red Periot Butterfly (1/2" wing span). As they fly from flower to flower, they sometimes mistake people for flowers and alight on their shoulders, heads and arms searching for nectar.

ButterfliesVictoria Butterfly Gardens - Butterfly House

Victoria Butterfly Gardens were designed and built specifically to showcase the life cycle and free flight of tropical butterflies and moths. The 12,000 sq ft enclosure is a riot of tropical colours, aroma's and personalities. Stars of the show are the butterflies themselves - 3000 of them fluttering amongst the flora!

ButterfliesThe Bug Lab - Invertebrate Museum

Exhibit of live invertebrates and interactive insect games. Visitors become Junior Entomologists, are given a lab jacket and a clipboard of age appropriate questions, and observe the invertebrates on display. Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Kit


ButterfliesNewfoundland Insectarium - Butterfly House and Insect Zoo

The Newfoundland Insectarium is a museum of nature featuring insects and arthropods from around the world. It houses thousands of live and mounted specimens including a butterfly garden, glass beehive, and ant colony.


ButterfliesCambridge Butterfly Conservatory! (formerly Wings of Paradise Butterfly House)

Enter a lush tropical garden and walk amongst thousands of freely flying butterflies! Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is a wonderful place to learn about butterflies, nature & conservation.

ButterfliesThe Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory

The self-guided walking tour of the Butterfly Conservatory begins with a short, informative video presentation that is close captioned for the hearing impaired. This magical attraction features over 2,000 colourful tropical butterflies floating freely among lush, exotic blossoms and greenery. Paths wind through the rainforest setting, past a pond and waterfall and the Emergence window, where butterflies leave their pupae and prepare to take their first flight!

ButterfliesUrquhart Butterfly Garden

A Natural, Outdoor Setting For Conservation, Enjoyment and Study

Blue Willow GardenButterfliesButterflies and Blooms, Butterfly Conservatory

Native and Tropical Butterflies Conservatory located in a beautiful indoor and outdoor gardens. You can observe native Canadians and Tropical Butterflies from South and Central America and the Philippines.

Costa Rica

The Butterly FarmButterfliesThe Butterfly Farm

For 20 years, since 1990, The Butterfly Farm has been offering in-depth 2-hour guided tours to the public. Depending on the weather, what's going on in the garden and the guide, every tour is unique and provides a broad perspective on butterflies and Nature.

ButterfliesSpirogyra Butterfly Garden

Spirogyra is a butterfly farm and garden located within walking distance of San Jose, Costa Rica's capital. One of our goals is to keep this area, located in the last forested part of the city as a "green oasis' where people can learn about butterflies an their role in the environment and hopefully become sensitive and more aware of the importance of preserving one's habitat.
San Jose, Costa Rica

ButterfliesMonteverde Butterfly Garden

Depending on your preference you can spend anywhere from an hour to a whole day at the garden, observing, photographing and learning about butterflies and other insects


Butterfly World

The tropical butterfly house will this year (2010) will house over 600 tropical butterflies, to include the Blue Morpho, The Monarch, Swallowtail, Owl, Helliconius, Clearwing and many more. In the Butterfly Breeding House you can see the tiny eggs, pupae and caterpillars and watch the butterflies emerging from their pupae ready to spread their wings. From here they are transported to the Tropical Butterfly House to source nectar and breed.

ButterfliesButterfly World & Fountain World

Visit Butterfly World today to see hundreds of butterflies flying freely in a natural environment!

ButterfliesStratford-Upon-Avon Butterfly Farm

Enjoy the unique pleasure of watching hundreds of the world's most spectacular and colourful butterflies flying all around. You can see them feeding and flying in a wonderful tropical environment.

Berkley Butterfly HouseButterfliesBerkeley Butterfly House

The Butterfly House is located within the old walled kitchen garden at Berkeley Castle, adjacent to the Rose Garden Picnic Area. 42 exotic species, from as far as Japan and Indonesia, fly freely in a tranquil tropical oasis. Species include the South American Blue Morpho, Glasswing, Small Postman and the Owl Butterfly; as well as the Clipper, Mormons, Swallowtails, Lacewing & Tree Nymph all from South Asia. The house is also home to the worlds largest moth, the Atlas Moth! Visitors can observe their life cycle up-close through the display of caterpillars and chrysalises.

ButterfliesBlenheim Palace Butterfly House

In the Butterfly House, exotic tropical butterflies can be seen in free flight. The special hatchery contains the pupae of many of the species, bred on site - so at Blenheim, it's possible to study the full life-cycle. More exotic butterflies can be seen, depending on the season. The Monarch from North America, the Owl butterflies of Central and South America and the Heliconians butterflies, also from Central and South America.

Buckfast ButterfliesButterfliesBuckfast Butterflies and Dartmoor Otter Sanctuary

Buckfast Butterflies and Dartmoor Otter Sanctuary offers a great, enjoyable, educational experience. Wander around the butterfly farm and see new butterflies emerge in tropical surroundings.

ButterfliesThe Butterfly House Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens

160 acres of parkland and gardens around a listed Victorian Manor House. The Park is home to a fascinating and varied collection of mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates from all over the world.

Williamson Park Butterfly HouseButterfliesThe Butterfly House at Williamson Park

Live exotic butterflies fluttering and feeding amidst the flowers, trees and vines in the tropical rain forest housed in the former Palm House. Walk amongst some of the world's most beautiful species, including brilliant swallowtails, and cleverly camouflaged Owl butterflies within a natural habitat. The pupae of new butterflies can be seen in a special display case and you may even see a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis!

ButterfliesLong Sutton Butterfly Park

Tropical House - one of the UK's largest - with hundreds of variegated butterflies and birds wheeling about the exotic fauna.

ButterfliesLongleat Butterfly Garden

Home to literally hundreds of exotic butterfly species, many as large as your hand The tropical Butterfly Garden offers a relaxing and captivating glimpse into the world of these fragile and beautiful creatures.

ButterfliesStudley Grange Butterfly World

Tropical butterflies flying freely against a backdrop of tropical plants and ponds.

ButterfliesButterfly World at Preston Park

At Butterfly World you can enter the magical world of a Tropical Rain Forest, where you can stroll at your leisure past beautiful trees and flowers. Sit beside the splashing waterfalls and pools and enjoy watching the vibrant wing beats of hundreds of the worlds most exotic and beautiful butterflies fill the air.


ButterfliesButterfly Garden at University of Joensuu

Butterfly-Botania (Tropical Butterfly garden) in summertime (from April to August, or September)

Butterfly Jewelry


ButterfliesChateau de Goulaine Haute-Goulaine

The butterfly farm shelters, from early spring to November 1st, hundreds of tropical butterflies flying in absolute freedom among theirs visitors in beautiful and natural plant environment.

ButterfliesJardins des Papillons

Exotic Butterflies from all over the world!

ButterfliesMaison Paris-Nature in Bois de Vincennes

If you like to not only be surrounded by flora and fauna, but also learn about it, the Maison Paris-Nature should be on your Parisian to-do list. The maison is situated in the green oasis of Bois de Vincenne's Floral Park, full of bright hues and intense fragrances. For summertime visitors, be sure to check out the seasonal butterfly garden, where the colorful insects occupy a well-maintained floral garden.


ButterfliesGarten der Schmetterlinge - Butterfly Garden in the park of Sayn Castle

Let us take you on a journey into a little tropic paradise, from palm and banana trees, to trickling waterfalls and the colorful flourish of exotic butterflies from South America, Africa and Asia.

Mariposario antiqua


ButterfliesMariposario Antigua

Exotic Butterfly House


ButterfliesInsectarium Hortus Haren

A few miles south of the city of Groningen you will find the biggest botanical garden of The Netherlands. It consists of approximately 20 hectares of plants from all over the world and some hothouses. The Hortus Haren is worth a visit in every season.


ButterfliesLa Ceiba Butterfly & Insect Museum

6000 butterflies and moths from Honduras adorn two walls in this 1000 square foot museum in La Ceiba, Honduras. 5000 spectacular butterflies, moths and other insects from more than 100 countries will leave you breathless as you admire the incredible colors and intricate designs.


ButterfliesShillong Butterfly Museum

The Butterfly Museum at Shillong is 2 km north of Police Bazaar on the Jaiaw Road. It displays butterflies and beetles from India and abroad. The butterflies are also bred here as a conservation measure.


ButterfliesTaman Kupu Kupu (Bali Butterfly Park)

Covering 3,500 square meters, the enclosed gardens of the park create an ecosystem for study, breeding and protection of butterflies. This is the largest park of its kind in Southeast Asia.


ButterfliesLa Casa delle Farfalle Butterfly Arc

In the "House of Butterflies" one can find very pretty exotic gardens where every day more than 400 out of the most beautiful butterflies in the world court each other, feed from the flowers and reproduce.


ButterfliesTama Zoo Insectarium

In 1988, the large Insectarium was completed, where various and rare insects are bred and exhibited.


ButterfliesJardin des Papillons Societe Mosellane

The butterfly garden is an idyllic place for nature lovers. Located in the city of wine, Grevenmacher along the Moselle, you find a greenhouse of 600 m2.

Butterfly Music CD


Brooke's Birdwing ButterflyButterfliesPenang Butterfly Farm

The Penang Butterfly Farm is more than just a tourist attraction. It is set up as a live museum to educate the public as well as a research centre to develop breeding methods. Displays native Malaysian butterflies year-round.

ButterfliesThe Butterfly Park

The Butterfly Park houses some 6,000 butterflies of over 120 species. The park is an imitation of the butterfly's natural habitat. It includes more than 15,000 plants from 100 species that have been used to recreate a Malaysian rainforest atmosphere. There is a nursery and breeding area for the butterflies.


ButterfliesXcaret Butterfly Pavilion

One of the world's largest butterfly enclosure, with waterfall, flowering plants and free-flying butterflies. The pavilion is self-sufficient in maintaining it's butterfly population. Stay still for a moment and a butterfly might land on you!

New Zealand

ButterfliesButterfly Creek

Butterfly Creek`s, Tropical Butterfly House is Australia`s premier butterfly house, hosting over 700 free flying, brilliantly colourful exotic butterflies from Asia and South America.

Red Helicon ButterflyButterfliesButterfly House and Orchid Garden in Thames

The first and only tropical butterfly and orchid house. In addition it is the only one in Australia which is able to show butterflies from all over the world. The butterfly house is fully sheltered. More than 100 different plant species and 250 to 300 exotic orchids, which flower at different times throughout the season. The butterfly house is also the home for many different birds including Finches, Doves and Quails.

ButterfliesWest Lynne Garden and Butterfly House

Home of the Monarchs - From December through to April hundreds of Monarch butterflies can be seen, with lots of eggs, chrysalis and caterpillars, see the full life cycle of the Monarch, a unique experience.

ButterfliesOtago Museum

Our new Tropical Forest has recently opened to the public. It is a new permanent feature of our museum and included a three story tropical forest with 1000 butterflies flying around at any one time. We also have pools with fish and turtles. Frogs, finches and tarantulas can also be found in the enclosure.


ButterfliesSommerfuglparken - Det biologiske mangfold

Educational Butterfly Garden and Museum


ButterfliesSimply Butterflies Conservation Center

The natural home to T. magellanus, the largest butterfly in the Philippines. Visit our enclosure with hundreds of local tropical butterflies, with friendly staff to guide and answer all your questions on butterflies. The conservation center is set in large open gardens to enjoy many free flying butterflies in a specially created habitat.


Tropical Butterfly House

The geographical society of Odorheiu Secuiesc city in Romania (East Europe) opens the first permanent butterfly house in Praid city. Address: Küllőmező street, Hargita county, 537240 Praid (close to salt mine), Phone: 0040-740 557 264


ButterfliesMoscow Zoo

Visit the Insectarium - from the Latin word Insecta - insects. See spiders, scorpions, scolopendras and snails, although not insects, one can see them next to the beetles, stick-insects, butterflies and crickets.


ButterfliesEdinburgh Butterfly and Insect World

It's Creepy...It's Crawly... It's a Jungle in here!

ButterfliesThe Arran Butterfly Farm

Located on the beautiful Island of Arran, SW Scotland. Tropically heated glasshouse full of exotic plants and free-flying butterflies.

Spain and Canary Islands

Anatomy of a ButterflyButterfliesMariposario del Drago

Tropical Butterfly Garden

ButterfliesButterfly Park Empuriabrava

Visitors will enjoy watching the world's most beautiful butterflies in natural surroundings and see aspects of their biology such as: feeding, breeding, metamorphosis, defense mechanisms and camouflage.

ButterfliesParque de las Ciencias

The Tropical Butterfly House gives you the chance to enjoy yourself finding out about the world of butterflies and the different tropical species that live on this planet.


ButterfliesInsectarium of Taipei Zoo

The Insectarium is the newest addition to the Zoo, and is a two-story building situated in a small valley. A huge stag beetle welcomes all visitors in the lobby. Behind the Insectarium is a ten-hectare valley where outdoor educational hiking is conducted, in the company of over 125 species of butterflies.


ButterfliesPhuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World

Imagine while you walk in a tropical garden full with flowers and thousands of butterflies; some are sipping nectar, some are flying nearby, and many appear over here and over there. This is not just a dream but a heaven on earth. 6,000 butterflies a month (40 different species from all over Thailand) in the colourful and attractive outdoor garden from our own breeding department.

ButterfliesSiam Insect-Zoo and Museum

Siam Insect Zoo & Museum recently opened an second butterfly garden enclosure which brings the total flying gardens area to about 500 squares meters. It is the largest captive butterfly gardens in Chiang Mai, which will allow space for a thousand of butterflies.


Green Veined WhitePlantasia

Plantasia is a massive glass Tropical hothouse pyramid located in Parc Tawe, right in the centre of Swansea. There are over 5,000 unusual exotic plants including rare and endangered specimens. The tropical theme is enhanced by free-flying butterflies in the Butterfly House and a colony of endangered Tamarind monkeys.

Pili Palas (Butterfly Palace)

An entertaining 20 minute DVD running all day on the life cycle of the butterfly.

The Magic of Life Butterfly House

Hundreds of colourful free flying butterflies, giant caterpillars and bizarre insects collections of rare and endangered plants in a tropical display house. Woodlands, walks and waterfalls nearby in the stunning Rheidol Valley, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales.

United States


ButterfliesSkyRiver Butterflies

SkyRiver Butterflies fulfills the need to give back to nature. SkyRiver is focused on fun and sharing the joy of butterflies with all generations. There is nothing like the joy of a young smile experiencing feeding a butterfly for the first time. 

We look forward to seeing you at one of our exhibits.

(Alphabetically by state)


ButterfliesBiophilia Nature Center's Butterfly Garden

Caterpillar nursery and acres of restored butterfly habitat allow visitors to watch the full life cycle of several species of showy moths and butterflies, spring through fall.

ButterfliesBirmingham Zoo Insectarium - Butterfly Encounter

Botanical exhibit is home to hundreds of butterflies of more than 20 species, all native to Alabama.

ButterfliesHuntsville-Madison County Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens of types with a Nature Center / Butterfly House is open May through September.


Marshall Butterfly PavilionButterfliesDesert Botanical Garden

Stroll through the beautiful Marshall Butterfly Pavilion and surround yourself with hundreds of fluttering butterflies. Watch as butterflies sip nectar from plants and perch in the sun. Special display areas feature butterfly host plants and an activity tent where you can see our scaly-winged friends up close.

ButterfliesSonoran Arthropod Studies, Inc. (SASI) Insect Zoo

Nature trails and butterfly garden.

ButterfliesTucson Botanical Gardens

"Butterfly Magic" at the Tucson Botanical Gardens October through April.


ButterfliesSan Diego Wild Animal Park

A springtime event at the Wild Animal Park is the Butterfly Jungle. Butterflies of every shape, size, and color flutter throughout the Hidden Jungle, a walk-through neo-tropical aviary.

ButterfliesEnvironmental Nature Center (ENC) Butterfly House

The ENC's Butterfly House is the only one of its kind in Orange County. It is home to several butterfly species native to the County, including Mourning Cloak, Lorquin's Admiral, Monarch, Queen, Buckeye, West Coast Lady, Painted Lady, California Dogface (California state butterfly), Cloudless Sulphur and Anise Swallowtail.

ButterfliesPavilion of Wings at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

More than 40 different butterfly and moth species and an array of plants take up residence every summer for a much-anticipated seasonal exhibit, the Pavilion of Wings. Wander through a unique changing and growing ecosystem. Witness wondrous free-flying creatures interacting with plant life and with each other and emerge with a better understanding of the environment needed for the survival of these spectacular animals.

Butterfly Flutter Blog


ButterfliesButterfly Pavilion and Insect Center

Explore our 7,000 square-foot tropical rainforest, home to more than 1,200 live butterflies and over 200 plant species from around the world. Witness butterflies emerging from their chrysalides and watch us release them into their rainforest habitat during our Butterfly Encounters.


ButterfliesSmithsonian Butterfly Habitat Garden

Four distinct habitats - wetland, meadow, wood's edge and urban garden - encourage visitors to observe the partnerships between plants and butterflies. The garden, on view at all times, is a perfect complement to a visit to the O. Orkin Insect Zoo on the second floor of the Museum.


ButterfliesButterfly House at Ashland Nature Center

This 18 ft. x 30 ft. mesh greenhouse is home to about 15 species of butterflies and moths including great spangled fritillaries, monarchs, swallowtails, painted ladies and cecropia moth. Unlike other exhibits, it is a complete ecosystem, containing water, shelter, food and host plants for each species. Programs focus on the mysteries of metamorphosis, the food web and the importance of habitats. Guided tours with a Delaware Nature Society teacher-naturalist include exploration with nets in nearby meadows and an investigation inside the Butterfly House.


Bio Works Butterfly Garden

The BioWorks Butterfly Garden is a unique outdoor butterfly exhibit which focuses upon butterflies native to West Central Florida. Rearing and displaying native butterfly species, this garden space shows what kind of Florida-Friendly Garden a homeowner can create to attract wildlife and turn their own yard into a butterfly sanctuary. BioWorks Butterfly houses an engineered marsh, a free-flying butterfly enclosure where guests can encounter butterflies, a multimedia classroom, and an animal husbandry laboratory where the butterfly lifecycle can be witnessed from egg to adult. Extensive outside gardens invite guests and butterflies to wander meandering pathways and linger among the diverse plant species.

ButterfliesButterfly World

Butterfly World is the result of one man's hobby gone wild! With over 10 acres of aviaries and botanical gardens, butterfly farm and research facility.

Queen ButterflyButterfliesButterfly Haven Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Our new butterfly garden is a free roaming 1/2 acre detailed outline of the zebra longwing butterfly. There are 12 sections in it with over 1500 mostly native plants to entice butterflies and hummingbirds. In just one day the North American Butterfly Association (NABA) officially counted 267 butterflies representing 46 species of the 60 species found in our area!

ButterfliesThe Butterfly Rainforest Florida Museum of Natural History

Come face-to-face with exotic, vibrant butterflies fluttering atop a lush tropical canvas of foliage and flowers as you experience the Butterfly Rainforest, the Florida Museum of Natural History's newest permanent exhibit. The screened vivarium houses subtropical and tropical plants and trees to support 55 to 65 different species and hundreds of free-flying butterflies. Guests can stroll through the Butterfly Rainforest on a winding path and relax to the sounds of cascading waterfalls year-round. There are live butterfly releases on Saturdays and Sundays at 2 p.m., 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., weather permitting.

Panhandle Butterfly HouseButterfliesPanhandle Butterfly House

The Panhandle Butterfly House is a local effort to educate the public on butterflies, habitat conservation and ecosystem management. The Panhandle Butterfly House is an educational and interactive exhibit. But above all, the Panhandle Butterfly House is a place to simply enjoy the elegant flight of the butterfly, to delight in their brilliant colors and to become immersed in the fragrances and beauty of the flowers. There is also a notable collection of mounted butterflies from around the world.

ButterfliesBrevard Zoo

Since 2005, Brevard Zoo has hosted three butterfly exhibits featuring native butterflies. Guests could encounter these beautiful insects up close and learn of their importance as part of our ecosystem.

ButterfliesNaples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

The Zoo also set aside a portion of the grounds to create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat (BWH) and had it certified by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). The site has all four elements required by certified sites including food, water, cover, and places to raise young. Look in the trees for a variety of bird life. Enjoy watching wild butterflies flit between flowers. Naples Zoo is also a member of the Butterfly Conservation Initiative (BFCI) to support their survival.

ButterfliesThe Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservancy

Take a stroll through a tropical paradise...walk through an exotic and inviting environment filled with hundreds of the most beautiful winged creatures in nature - butterflies.


ButterfliesCecil B. Day Butterfly Center at Callaway Gardens

Flights of fancy await you in the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center, where 1,000 tropical butterflies, representing more than 50 different species, flutter freely through the air. Tropical plants and birds, reside peacefully with the colorful winged jewels in North America's largest, glass-enclosed tropical conservatory. The award-winning film, On Wings of Wonder, plays continuously on two wide-screen monitors in the center's multi-purpose room , explaining the life cycle of butterflies.


ButterfliesFoster Botanical Garden Butterfly Habitat

This butterfly habitat was dedicated 11/21/08. It is a joint venture between the City & County of Honolulu and The Butterfly Society of Hawaii. Garden is certified by North American Butterfly Association. Open to the public 9-4 daily. Admission $5 to the whole botanical garden, of which this is a new attraction. Located on the island of Oahu in Honolulu


ButterfliesBrookfield Zoo

With flashes of orange, yellow, brown, and blue, hundreds of butterflies alight each summer in May at Brookfield Zoo in an amazing outdoor area. Get "eye to antenna" with hundreds of butterflies native to North America flying freely around you! Each week, hundreds of new butterflies leave their "emergent chambers," where staff closely monitor their progress. When the butterflies are ready to take wing, the doors are opened and the butterflies fly off to their new homes on the leaves and flowers of the native plants grown especially for them.

ButterfliesIllinois State Museum

Butterfly and Moth Collection

ButterfliesThe Field Museum

The Field Museum's Lepidoptera (butterfly and moth) collection contains some 200,000 specimens from all over the world, and is an important resource for scientists and scholars. Of the specimens in the Lepidoptera collection, about 90,000 are butterflies. Many of our specimens date from 1870 to the early 1900s.

ButterfliesJudy Istock Butterfly Haven

The Butterfly Lab allows visitors the opportunity to explore The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum's Judy Istock Butterfly Haven, located in Chicago, IL. In the lab you will learn how to manage the lives of over two hundred butterflies. This includes breeding, feeding and maintaining the caterpillars and butterflies within the Haven's artificial environment.


ButterfliesWhite River Gardens at the Indianapolis Zoo

Over 1500 butterfly pupae received weekly from Africa, Costa Rica, and Florida. Through the Summer the population builds until there are 1,000 to 1,500 flying at any one time.


White Morpho at Reiman GardensButterfliesReiman Gardens

Indoor and outdoor areas, an indoor conservatory, 2,500-square-foot indoor butterfly wing, butterfly emergence cases, a gift shop, and five supporting greenhouses.


ButterfliesKansas State University Gardens

The Butterfly Exhibit is a free-flight butterfly exhibit and provides an interactive experience for both the visitors and the butterflies.

ButterfliesButterfly Garden at Botanica Wichita

The Butterfly Garden attracts both native and migratory butterflies with flowering plants and a puddling fountain that provides water for the butterflies.

Magic Wings


ButterfliesMagic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens

Featuring an 8,000-square foot tropical conservatory that's home to nearly 4,000 exotic and domestic butterflies, Magic Wings focuses on butterfly-related education, recreation, entertainment and gardening needs.

ButterfliesThe Butterfly Place

3,100 sq. ft. glass atrium with up to 500 butterflies representing as many as 50 different species from around the world. Open March - October.


ButterfliesFrederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Butterflies Are Blooming is Meijer Gardens' most popular annual exhibition and the largest temporary tropical butterfly exhibit in the nation. March 1 through April 30, visitors can escape the Michigan winter and mingle with more than 6,000 tropical butterflies flying free in the 15,000-square-foot Lena Meijer Conservatory.

Detroit Zoo Butterfly GardenButterfliesDetroit Zoo Butterfly Garden

A favorite place for many Zoo visitors in the winter is the Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden. Located in the Wildlife Interpretive Gallery, this innovative habitat features hundreds of butterflies from Central and South America. Every day of the year visitors come face to face with hundreds of butterflies, four hummingbirds and two swallow tanagers as they fly freely through the lush indoor Garden.

ButterfliesMackinac Island Butterfly House

The Original Mackinac Island Butterfly House is the 1st of its kind in Michigan, and the 3rd oldest LIVE butterfly exhibit in the United States. The world-renowned facility has 1800 sq ft of tropical garden filled with hundreds of live butterflies from four continents.

ButterfliesMartha G. Parfet Butterfly House Kalamazoo Nature Center

Butterflies in the summer only.

Butterfly Encounter at the Saginaw Children's Zoo

The summer of 1999 marked the grand opening of the Butterfly Encounter. Visitors of all sizes take a journey where education, people, and gardens meet to experience the wonders and nature of these delicate, fluttering creatures.


ButterfliesThe Butterfly Palace

On your journey through the Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure, you will not only get the chance to walk among over 1,000 live tropical butterflies from all over the world, but you will also get to view a 3-D movie, find your way through the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze, and investigate some amazing critters inside our Incredible Insect Zoo. One thing is for certain - this is without a doubt the adventure of a lifetime!

ButterfliesSophia M. Sachs Butterfly House

This tropical conservatory is the heart of the Butterfly House. It's carefully controlled environment houses nearly two thousand tropical butterflies in free flight. As many as 80 butterfly species and 150 tropical plant species are exhibited.


ButterfliesThe Butterfly and Insect Pavilion at the Omaha Zoo

The Berniece Grewcock Butterfly and Insect Pavilion is a 14,000 square foot total immersion exhibit located between the Scott Aquarium and the Giraffe Complex. From the sky, the exhibit resembles a winged insect.


ButterfliesCamden City Garden Club's Butterfly Garden

The Camden Children's Garden is designed for children and families. It is a special place to explore and discover the natural world. The four-acre garden provides horticultural experiences for creative and imaginative play.

ButterfliesKate Gorrie Memorial Butterfly House at the The Buttinger Nature Center

Kate Gorrie Memorial Butterfly HouseThe Butterfly House showcases native butterflies and the wildflowers with which they are associated. The garden inside simulates several typical habitats of central New Jersey field, wetland, and wet meadow. Plants include those that are nectar sources for adults, and those that serve as food for caterpillars.

New York

ButterfliesThe Butterfly Conservatory at the American Museum of Natural History

Tropical butterflies alive in winter!

ButterfliesButterfly Zone, The Bronx Zoo

Experience the wonder of butterflies and other backyard bugs in a lush wild meadow and spacious greenhouse. Inside the conservatory, classical music creates a soothing backdrop as you amble among monarchs, julia butterflies and other winged beauties.

ButterfliesAdirondack Park Agency Visitor Interpretive Center

Butterflies are beautiful, but they are by no means the only residents in this house. Butterflies such as the eastern tiger swallowtails live among other species such as luna and cecropia moths. The 30-by-55-foot structure duplicates the natural environment of the region. It contains roadside wild flowers such as milkweed, garden-variety flowers, host plants and trees that are used by butterflies and moths.

butterfliesDancing Wings Butterfly Garden at the Strong National Museum of Play

Guests will enjoy a variety of educational interactives about butterflies prior to entering a lush rain forest environment where they encounter approximately 800 brilliantly-colored, free-flying tropical and native butterflies. A paved path leads guests around tropical foliage and two water features, including a cascading waterfall. Guests can visit the chrysalis case and see emerging butterflies. An adjacent support greenhouse contains plants to help keep nectar sources for the butterflies replenished.

butterfliesSweetbriar Nature Center and Butterfly and Moth Vivarium

Long Island's first living seasonal butterfly display. the Vivarium is a 30' x 50' screened enclosure and home to over 20 species of native North American butterflies and moths complete with lush vegetation and flowers necessary for their survival. Throughout your visit, you will be aided by interpretive signs found along paths, and staff and volunteers will answer any questions you might have.

Miniature Flower Fairies


Butterflies Magic Wings Butterfly House at the Museum of Life and Science

Magic Wings is a thrill for visitors of all ages with a dramatic 35 foot tall conservatory and the Bayer Crop Science Insectarium. Magic Wings is among the largest butterfly houses around the world!


ButterfliesCleveland Botanical Garden's Costa Rica Rainforest Glass Butterfly House

Venture into the humid, tropical rain forest of Costa Rica, where hundreds of butterflies and a multitude of colorful birds fly about as you pass beneath a canopy of tropical trees. The Costa Rica Glasshouse features hundreds of butterflies in flight each day. Get introduced to a kaleidoscope of movement and color as these wondrous creatures flit about through the air. Be sure not to miss our daily butterfly release each day at 2:00 p.m. (March through December). Blue morphos, zebra longwings and banded owl butterflies will dance before your eyes.

ButterfliesFranklin Park Conservatory

Butterflies and Blooms Exhibit - over 100 species from 5 continents fly free in a 50,000 sq foot Pacific Islands and cloud forest exhibit. Visitors can watch the emerging of 100's of butterflies from pupae in our Emergence Center.

ButterfliesButterfly House at Cox Arboretum and Gardens

Our native-Ohio Butterfly House enables children and adults to view native butterflies and moths in all stages of metamorphosis. Species such as painted lady, red admiral, monarch, giant swallowtail, black swallowtail, spicebush swallowtail, tiger swallowtail, luna moth, Cecropia moth, Polyphemus moth and pipevine swallowtail are featured.


ButterfliesOklahoma City Zoo's Butterfly Garden

20,000 square foot exhibit designed especially for some of nature's most delicate creatures: butterflies. The garden is a color and texture extravaganza of more than 15,000 plants fashioned to sustain the complete life cycle of the butterfly. Full color, educational graphics are placed throughout the exhibit highlighting the intricacies of butterflies and their importance in the surrounding ecosystems.


Butterflies ForeverButterfliesButterflies Forever

Butterflies Forever Objectives:
Education on habitats and the effects of destruction of those habitats in Oregon and World Wide. Oregon Silverspot threatened species education and preservation. The Fender's blue butterfly was a lost species." An endangered species in the Willamette Valley. Raise Oregon butterflies for schools and educational purposes. Create an educational facility featuring free-flying butterflies living in a garden habitat with a climate controlled atmosphere year round.


ButterfliesAcademy of Natural Science's Butterfly Exhibit

Butterflies!, features a lush, tropical garden filled with colorful plants and a multitude of live butterflies from Central and South America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia.

ButterfliesHershey Gardens Butterfly House

The butterfly house at Hershey Gardens is home to more than 300 butterfly varieties, the Butterfly House has nectar plants for food and host plants for egg-laying and caterpillar feeding. The entire lifecycle of the butterfly can be viewed within the house.

ButterfliesNewport Butterfly Zoo

Serving the needs of collectors with rare dried specimens and butterfly gardeners and live exhibits with livestock.


ButterfliesRoper Mountain Science Center's Butterfly Garden

Benches invite the visitor to sit and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere; a covered wooden deck overlooking the pond and the garden serves as an outdoor classroom. The Roper Mountain Science Center Association hosts its Mother & Daughter Tea in the butterfly garden each June.


ButterfliesThe Outdoor Campus Butterfly Garden

See our 6,000 square foot butterfly garden, learn how to create your own, and read butterfly news!

ButterfliesSertoma Butterfly House

Neo-tropical exhibit of 900 or more free-flying butterflies. Open daily, year round.


ButterfliesTennessee Aquarium

Imagine an indoor rainforest filled with hundreds of jewel-colored butterflies that hover over flowers, sip nectar from feeding stations and even alight on charmed guests. These exotic and beautiful butterflies delight the senses, and visitors to the Butterfly Garden in the Tennessee Aquarium's Ocean Journey building will discover other reasons to appreciate these whimsical creatures.


NABA International Butterfly ParkButterfliesNABA (North American Butterfly Association) National Butterfly Center

NABA Butterfly Center is the culmination of a decade of dreaming of a special facility devoted to wild butterflies. NABA President, Dr. Jeffrey Glassberg, whose passion for butterflies goes back to early childhood, is the driving force behind the Park's development. The subtropical climate of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas and its unique diversity of butterflies kept drawing Dr. Glassberg back.

ButterfliesButterfly Garden at the San Antonio Zoo

Visitors experience a spectacular butterfly garden where they are immersed in a lush butterfly habitat surrounded by hundreds of butterflies moving freely throughout the exhibit. Fifteen to 20 species of butterflies delight guests through intimate interaction. Guests go home with a greater understanding of these fragile, beautiful butterflies, and a deeper appreciation for the importance of maintaining their habitat to ensure their survival. The butterfly exhibit is open from March thru November.

ButterfliesDoug Blachly Butterfly Trail and Garden at the Zilker Botanical Gardens

The Butterfly Garden and Trail has been filled with local flowers and plants that attract numerous butterflies, providing visitors with a view of many of Austin's attractive species as well as migrating varieties. Guided tours feature the interaction between insects and plants in an ecosystem

ButterfliesTexas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park

Certified Butterfly Habitat - Our butterfly garden is a tranquil spot to enjoy some time outside and get ideas on how to plant your own at home. It is our desire to demonstrate how easily a family, school, or office can attract and support the complete life cycle of Dallas' native butterflies. Host plants provide the proper source of nutrition for caterpillars and attract egg-laying adult female butterflies. Nectar-rich plants are a food source for adult butterflies.

ButterfliesWildseed Farm's Butterfly Haus

Hundreds of native Texas butterflies inhabit our 3,000 square foot Butterfly Haus... The Lone Star State is home to more than 400 species of butterflies. Explore the magnificent beauty of these incredible creatures in the Butterfly Haus at Wildseed Farms. Share the wonder and awe of their amazing life cycle- from tiny eggs, to caterpillars, to chrysalises and then... into graceful Adults. The Butterfly Garden at Wildseed Farms is designed to create a biological system or habitat that attracts, protects, and nourishes the butterfly through all four stages of its life. Open seasonally March through October, weather permitting.

ButterfliesThe Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Cockrell Butterfly Center and Brown Hall of Entomology provide entertainment and education for the whole family! Enter a stunning, three-story glass structure built around a 50-foot waterfall, a simulated tropical rainforest filled with exotic plants and hundreds of gorgeous, living butterflies. These beautiful, delicate creatures, imported from butterfly farms around the world, will delight you as they flutter through the vegetation, stop to sip nectar or fruit juices, and occasionally alight on lucky visitors.

ButterfliesThe Ruby N. Priddy Butterfly and Nature Conservatory at the River Bend Nature Center

Initially conceived and built as a home for native butterflies, the Ruby N. Priddy Conservatory has grown far beyond a butterfly house since it opened to the public in the spring of 2007. Visitors will find a fascinating cross-section of the plants, insects, and other animals that make their living on five eco regions of Texas and Southern Oklahoma.


Danville Butterfly StationButterfliesButterfly Station at Danville Science Center

The beauty of the Butterfly Station and Garden is sure to inspire you to create your own butterfly garden. Find out which caterpillar host plants attract which butterfly species. Explore the best methods of attracting butterflies to your yard. Want to check your butterfly IQ? Pick up one of our colorful guide sheets and test your ability to identify the many types of butterflies in our area. The Butterfly Station and Garden is open mid April through mid October during regular Science Center hours.

ButterfliesBristow Butterfly Garden at Norfolk Botanical Gardens

The 2-acre Bristow Butterfly Garden provides a habitat to attract and support butterflies and moths during all stages of their life cycle. Within the garden you will find a swallowtail and monarch nursery, nectar garden, moonlight garden and butterfly bush collection.


Tropical Butterfly House and Insect Village

We import about 500 tropical butterflies weekly, from South and Central America, Africa, and Asia. Our butterflies are responsibly raised in sustainable rainforest farms. We are proud to participate in the positive economic, cultural, and environmental impacts butterfly farming makes throughout the world.


ButterfliesLive Butterflies at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Walk through hundreds of exotic tropical butterflies in free-flight in the North Wing of the Conservatory! Throughout the course of the exhibit we'll feature more than 24 species -- providing a rare chance to admire these colorful and showy beauties up-close and to learn more about their fascinating lives. Watch as the butterflies feed on nectar plants and fruit in the exhibit.

ButterfliesPuelicher Butterfly Wing at the Milwaukee Public Museum

The breathtaking, two-story butterfly wing is a technological wonder. Its glass-enclosed garden was designed to provide fragile butterflies with a tropical environment throughout every Wisconsin season. Be awed while wandering amid free-flying butterflies. Encounter native species and exotic ones like the giant, electric-blue Morpho.

ButterfliesMosquito Hill Nature Center's Butterfly House

Outdoor enclosed butterfly house and garden. Open July through August.
All over the world butterflies soar into the hearts of man, they sail boundless and free, speaking the universal language of beauty ~K. D’Angelo
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