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Scentsy Flutterby Warmer!

Scentsy Flutterby Warmer

Scentsy "Flutterby" Warmer

Conjure the magic of the first green signs of spring with the newest of the Scentsy Warmers with “Flutterby”. Fanciful butterfly cutouts cast delightful butterfly shadows on the wall when lit.

Give this butterfly inspired Scentsy Warmer to one of your butterfly loving friends, be sure to include the yummy Scentsy scent “Flutter”, your friends are going to love this gift!

What is a Scentsy Warmer you ask…Well they are a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles.  Simply plug in, turn on and melt one of the more than 80 wonderfully scented wax bars and enjoy!

I personally recommend adding the Scentsy bar “Flutter” and you’ve got a complete butterfly inspired gift!  The Flutter scent is a wonderful blend of delicate orange blossoms and whipped almond cream float above a bed of bright lemon verbena.

This Premium Full Size Scentsy Warmer is on sale for the month of February! ~ To order the Flutterby Warmer click here.

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Old Garden Rose Preserves

Roses for Preserves

Gertrud Jekyll, Zepherine Drouhin and Reine des Violettes

Spring brings me a delicate flurry of butterflies and welcomes roses first blooms.

When I’m not tending to my butterfly obsession, I tend to my old garden roses which are blooming especially profusely this year. I wanted to make use of my heavenly scented old garden roses, something that would last all year long, something I could share with friends

I decided to make one of my favorite treats, Rose preserves.  To make this heavenly rose treat, be sure to use organically grown, heavily scented Old Garden, Antique, English or Heirloom Roses for the most divine rose fragrance and flavor. I use a combination of Gertrud Jekyll, Zepherine Drouhin and Reine des Violettes.

3 1/2 cups rose petals (packed, white part at base of petal removed)
2 – 2 1/2 cup granulated sugar
juice of 1 lemon or lime

Pulse petals in the food processor and slowly add the sugar and lemon. Add more sugar or lemon if needed.

The preserves are so flavorful and gorgeous, they will take your breath away! Spread on biscuits, scones, crescent rolls, shortcake, dab on vanilla ice cream, cheesecake or cream brulee.  Rose preserves makes a wonderful filling for tea sandwiches, cookies and donuts too!

Rose Preserves

Rose Preserves


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Butterfly In A Jar!

Butterfly In A Jar

Butterfly In A Jar ~ Pink Morpho

Delight and surprise your friends and family with the “Butterfly In A Jar”…. it’s pretty amazing!

Gently tap the jar once for instant action! One tap willl wake your butterfly up , two taps will make it flutter and three taps will make it flap around the glass bottle. The butterfly is also activated by ambient noise and music.

The butterflies realistic movement, colorful display and capricious behavior is bound to captivate all who look upon it.

A wonderful and delightful gift for children or anyone who loves butterflies. Choose between a monarch, yellow swallowtail, blue or pink morhpo butterflies.  Available in the OWB Butterfly Gift Shop!


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You Still Give Me Butterflies…

You Still Give Me Butterflies

Falling In Love…Again

You Still Give Me Butterflies ~ Feel Like You’re Falling In Love…Again

At last, a Butterfly Book to really Oh la la about! This beautiful and romantic book is filled with two dozen ornate paper butterflies tucked inside sealed envelopes, each with a secret, clue or invitation for a fun, flirty, romantic and sexy surprise!

The red pages are For Her Eyes Only, and the gold pages are For His Eyes Only. Feel butterflies again, the moment you share one of these lovely secret butterfly cards with your lover!

Once in awhile, right in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.”

You Still Give Me Butterflies Feel Like You're Falling In Love...Again

You Still Give Me Butterflies by Laura Corn


We were honored to be contacted by New York Time Bestselling Author, Laura Corn for inspiration with butterfly quotes for her You Still Give Me Butterflies Book. Click here to purchase “You Still Give Me Butterflies” on

Butterflies dance on the whispers of romance, alight upon their wings, sun-kissed, joyfully soaring into Love’s sweet bliss… ~K. D’Angelo

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Elegant Aliforms Animated Butterflies

Bring a touch of nature indoors with the realistic movement of an Elegant Aliforms Animated Butterfly

al·i·form – adjective -wing-shaped; wing-like


Elegant Aliforms Animated Old World Swallowtail Butterfly

Elegant Aliform Butterflies are moving animated butterfly, simply plug in the Butterfly and enjoy its relaxing, silent motion without the need to replace batteries. The movement is similar to that of a resting butterfly. Use on plants, flower arrangements, picture frames, computer monitors, weddings decorations, classroom or garden room.
We hear all kinds of stories from our customers, how the butterfly entertains grandchildren, fascinates cats and amuses visitors to their home or garden. You can mount the Elegant Aliforms Butterfly to any surface by it’s flexible wire legs.

Elegant Aliforms Animated Monarch Butterfly

Elegant Aliform Animated Monarch Butterfly

My personal facvorite is the We like the Monarch and the Old World Swallowtail Aliform Butterflies.  The Monarch Aliforms is our best seller, but we sell 11 different animated butterflies in our OWB Butterfly Gift Shop. You can choose American Painted Lady Butterfly, Blue Morpho Butterfly, Dogface Butterfly, Leaf Buttrefly,Monarch Butterfly,Old World Swallowtail Butterfly, Clodius Butterfly, , White Morpho Butterfly, ,  Postman Butterfly, Ulysses Butterfly, Urania Butterfly and the Violet Morpho Butterfly

Create a calming ambiance anywhere in your home or office. Elegant Aliforms Animated Butterflies make great gifts for butterfly lovers, indoor gardeners, teachers and nature enthusiasts alike.

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Animated Butterfly Music Boxes

New in our OWB Butterfly Gift Shop….

Whimsical Animated Shadow Music Boxes

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Raising Painted Lady Butterflies

Painted Lady Butterflies

Painted Lady Butterfly

Painted Lady Butterfly (Vanessa cardui)

Painted Lady Butterflies are one of the most widely distributed butterflies in the world, they can be found on all continents except Australia and Antarctica. Migration and the wide range of available host plants is what helps make the painted ladies so widely distributed.  The larvae (caterpillars) of Painted Ladies feed on more than 100 types of host plants, particularly Thistles (Asteraceae), Mallows (Malvaceae) which include Hollyhock (Alcea) and Cheeseweed (parviflora).

Girl Holding Painted Lady Butterfly

Mackenzie’s Butterfly

Painted Ladies are one of the easiest butterflies to raise because not only will the young larvae feed on so many different host plants, they will also feed on a specially formulated artificial diet.  This artificial diet makes it possible for the larvae to be sold in butterfly rearing kits and are often raised and studied in classrooms by elementary students.  The popularity of “Butterfly Larvae Rearing Kits” has also contributed to the distribution of these beautiful and abundant butterflies.

It’s fun and easy to raise Painted Lady Butterflies and rearing butterflies is truly an educational experience that every child will certainly enjoy and remember for years to come.  The easiest way to raise Painted Lady Butterflies is by purchasing a Butterfly Rearing Kit.

Butterfly Rearing Kit

Butterfly Rearing Kit

One of the most popular kits is made by Insect Lore, the kits include a reusable pop-up butterfly habitat, artificial diet and easy to follow instructions. The kits don’t actually contain any butterfly larvae, you will need to mail or FAX the enclosed coupon to Insect Lore, once you receive the larva in the mail, the fun begins!

The larvae will feed on the artificial diet for about 10 to 14 days and when they are ready, they will begin to crawl to the top of the food container. Once they have securely attached themselves to the top of the container, they will begin their miraculous metamorphic change, shedding their skin one last time to expose the their final layer, which is known as the chrysalis.  At which time you can transfer the lid with the attached chrysalises to the butterfly habitat.

Painted Lady Butterfly Eggs

Tiny Blue Eggs of the Painted Lady Butterfly

In about 10 to 14 days, your beautiful painted lady butterflies will emerge from their chrysalises.  You will get to enjoy watching the butterflies in the butterfly habitat.  To extend the fun and life of your newly emerged butterflies, you can feed the butterflies by providing fresh flowers for nectar and variety of fruits, like slices of banana, peach, cherries, watermelon and oranges.

After a few days in captivity, you may consider adding one of the butterfly host plants I mentioned above and you will certainly be rewarded with an ample supply of tiny blue butterfly eggs!  Make sure you will have an ample supply of pesticide free host plants to feed the hatchlings, if not or you can order some ready-made artificial diet from our butterfly gift shop.

Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae

Win A Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae Kit

If you’ve already had the pleasure of raising painted lady butterflies and already have a butterfly habitat, you will be able to simply order a butterfly refill larvae kit for your butterfly enclosure.

At anytime you may want to release your adult painted lady Butterflies into your backyard, local park or butterfly garden.

To learn more about butterfly gardening for the benefit of butterflies, visit our Butterfly Gardening web page!

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Winged Inspirations Jewelry…choose your butterfly


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