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Western Monarch Butterfly Day

8th Annual Western Monarch Butterfly Day

Monarch Butterfly on Pentas

WHEN: Saturday, February 11 2017 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
WHERE: Mile Square Regional Park
16801 Euclid St.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
For more information:
(714) 973-6600 or email

OC Parks invites children and families to learn all about
Monarch Butterflies and their natural habitat with
an up-close look at the magnificent creatures at the
eighth annual Monarch Butterfly Day!
The free event takes place in the Forest Shelter near
parking lot C. Children can learn about planting plants
to attract Monarch Butterflies. Participants can also go
inside a netted butterfly enclosure.
Butterfly experts will be on-site to provide educational
information and answer questions about the beautiful
and unique specimens.
Additional activities include interpretive programs,
children’s crafts, face painting and a balloon artist.
Recommended for ages four to 12. Remember to bring
your cameras!

Event is free. Parking is $5 per vehicle.
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Spring Celebration Butterfly Give-A-Way

Painted Lady Butterfly Spring Contest

Painted Lady Butterfly

Spring begins March 20, 2015!

In celebration of Spring, I thought it would be fun to have a Butterfly Give-A-Way!  There will be 3 lucky winners!
Each winner will receive a Butterfly Larvae Kit, which contains 6 tiny painted lady caterpillars, food and instructions on raising your tiny caterpillars to adult painted lady butterflies!
Winners will be chosen randomly from the Facebook comments by RANDOM.ORG

To qualify:

1. “Like” Obsession With Butterflies on Facebook
2. Leave a comment filling in the blank: I love butterflies because________.
That’s it!

Giveaway will close at 4:00 p.m. PST on Tuesday, March 31, 2015. Winners will be announced on this page. Good luck!

For information on our Butterfly Larvae Kit visit: Obsession With Butterflies

Girl Holding Painted Lady Butterfly

Only a couple days left to get your comments in!  Butterfly Give A Way Contest

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Western Monarch Butterfly Day ~ Learn about Monarch Butterflies!

Celebrate Western Monarch Butterfly Day At Mile Square Regional Park

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly on Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate


Learn about Monarch Butterflies at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley, California

Saturday, February 1, 2014 from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Orange County Parks invites children and families to learn all about Monarch Butterflies and their natural habitat with an up-close look at the magnificent creatures at the fifth annual Monarch Butterfly Day! This free event takes place in the Butterfly Garden inside the park’s Camp Sycamore located near parking lot E. Children can assist in planting plants to attract Monarch Butterflies. Participants can also go inside a netted butterfly enclosure for a fluttering experience!

Butterfly experts will be on-site to provide educational information and answer questions about the beautiful and unique specimens. Additional activities include interpretive programs, children’s crafts, face painting, a balloon artist and guided nature walks.

Event Fee: Free
Parking Fee: 5.00
Age: recommended for ages 4 to 12 years old

Mile Square Regional Park
16801 Euclid
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714)973-6600 or (714)973-3197


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Butterfly Queens at Burning Man Arts and Music Festival

Dreams of the Last Butterflies, an upcoming epic short film.

Dreams of the Last Butterflies received over $36,000 in funding of which became one of Kickstarter’s top 10 most funded projects for a short film ever!

Dreams of the Last Butterflies is a unique vision with a powerful environmental message, full of wonder, dreams, and otherworldly performers. Combining cutting-edge cinematography, fantastical costumes, epic faerie-tale poetry, and a sizzling electronica soundtrack, it will feature stunning performances by tribal belly-dancers, ballet stars, fire masters, contortionists, and many more. Dreams of the Last Butterflies is a tale about the loss of butterflies in our world, and why they are disappearing – as told by the last Butterfly Queens themselves. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Zina Brown
The Butterfly Queens

The Butterfly Queens are going to Burning Man!

Burning Man is one of the world’s largest arts and music festivals, held annually in the Nevada desert.  It’s a truly incredible event, drawing nearly 60,000 people – they come together from all over the world to create a city of dreams that rises spectacularly from the desert floor.  What better place for all 7 of Butterfly Queens to appear with their majestic wings, dancing in a desert sunrise!

For those lucky enough to be attending the Burning Man Festival this year, be sure to remember this time:  Friday morning, August 30th, right at sunrise in front of this year’s amazing pyramid Temple of Whollyness.  This is the *only* moment of the event the Butterfly Queens will emerge briefly from the dream-world, to dance for everyone and share their magic, so you definitely won’t want to miss it! They will be arriving in truly impressive style – on the deck of a massive, absolutely incredible Steampunk Airship!!  The wonderful creators of the Airpusher’s Steampunk Airship have kindly offered our Butterfly Queens a ride to the Temple so they can reserve their energy for their dance.  So when dawn is about to break, keep an eye out for the beautiful Airship gliding across the playa, and you will see the Butterflies Queens aboard.

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Caring for your Chrysalis

party favors chrysalis containers


A minute speck of life is set upon a leaf,
out crawls a miracle, a butterfly to be… 


girl with chyrsalisCongratulations!! You are now the proud and fleeting caregiver of a pre-emergent Butterfly…

To ensure your butterfly’s safe passage from chrysalis to adult you will need to provide a proper shelter in which the final stages of metamorphosis may occur.

Whether you have received your chrysalis in a pre-made environment or not, be sure that your butterfly will have room enough to fully expand its wings upon its emergence from the chrysalis. This is very important, for if the unfolding wings are cramped and unable to spread out, they may dry warped and your butterfly may not be able to take its maiden flight.

A clear plastic cup measuring at least 16 oz in size is suitable for this purpose. You will also need, if your chrysalis is not already attached to one, a stick for your newly animated butterfly to climb up and rest upon.

A cover which is porous and allows for minimal air flow is also necessary. Wedding veil, burlap, thin tissue or even coffee filters all work well as makeshift lids. String, ribbon or rubber bands are also excellent for holding a top in place which will safely keep the butterfly until it is ready to be released.

Once you have your chrysalis set up in a secure container then there is not much to do but simply sit back and enjoy watching Mother Nature work her magic…


monarch on pink flowerMaster magician, munching to and fro, a caterpillar works illusions till the end of his show!


The average chrysalis takes about a week to 10 days to emerge but depending on the season and species this can vary greatly. You may need to be patient and investigate further before giving up on an “apparently” non-emergent chrysalis. Read up on the specific kind of butterfly you are raising to note it’s average time period for the chrysalis stage. You can also gently wiggle the chrysalis to determine it is still flexible and alive. If it feels ridged and is hollow sounding when lightly tapped, then it may no longer be viable.

Take precaution to place your container in a safe place inside your home. It is not recommended to leave a chrysalis outdoors as ants and other critters may discover it. Keep your butterfly near a window or in a sunny room, however, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, as excessive heat could create a damaging environment.

After some time you will notice the chrysalis begin to darken. This is normal and usually indicates that the butterfly is ready to make its entrance. Once the butterfly has come out it will need to hang in the cup in order to dry its wings. You may notice a couple of drops of reddish-orange fluid dripping from the butterfly. This is nothing to worry about. The droppings are only excess fluid that the butterfly needs to release so that it may become lighter and able to flitter away.

painted lady butterflies nectaring


A self made sanctuary, a place for change and growth, a chrysalis is created in anticipation of both…  


Do not attempt to handle or release the butterfly until its wings have completely dried. Factors such as temperature and humidity can influence how long the drying process will take, but if the butterfly begins to flutter its wings with ease then this usually is a good indication that they are set.

When you are ready to free your butterfly, be sure to step outside into a natural environment as the butterfly may be eager to soar away. Carefully cut the rubber band or other binding away from the cup and gently flip back the covering.

chrysalis containerYou may use either a twig or your own finger to aid the butterfly in its release. No matter which method you prefer, remember to try not to touch the butterfly’s wings as this could cause permanent damage.

To set your butterfly free, gently place your finger or a twig in front of and slightly above the butterfly’s front two legs. The butterfly will step up and onto whichever object you provide as it fulfills it natural tendency to climb upward.

If your butterfly is not wanting to fly off, then this could be a perfect time to take some great pictures! Most newly emerged butterflies are typically not shy of humans and make great subjects when posing for a photograph.

When you have finished enjoying your beautiful friend, place it in a sunny location. Here the butterfly may bask in the warmth for a while, before gracefully soaring off into a new world.


Soar like the spirited Butterfly, who is as passionate upon tattered wing, as she was on her maiden flight…


monarch flying

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Butterfly Education Day at San Clemente State Beach

Butterfly Education Day at San Clemente State Beach is a worthwhile event to educate and celebrate our successful community stewardship of Butterfly Trail, a recognized monarch butterfly overwintering bivouac site in Orange County.

This event will include a butterfly tent, live exhibits, speakers, face painting, crafts and guided trail hikes and more!  Perfect day for the whole family.  Bring a sack lunch and enjoy a picnic in the park.

The free event ($5 for parking) is sponsored by the San Onofre Foundation in celebration of the successful community stewardship effort along Butterfly Trail and to further engage the public through educational outreach. What is accomplished on the trail through civic, school, and agency partnerships is something that makes our entire community proud.

We’re fortunate that the San Onofre Foundation (SOF) has created this unique opportunity to promote State Parks’ educational and interpretive resources through this event. In addition to partnering with California State Parks, the SOF has received grant support from the National Environmental Education Foundation’s Every Day Event Grant program made possible by Toyota.

For more information visit:



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Raise Butterflies For Your Homeschool Life Science Curriculum

Butterfly Larvae Kit

Simple Butterfly Larvae Kit

A Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae Kit will provide hours of scientific educational enjoyment for the entire family. What a perfect hands-on supplement to your home-school science curriculum!

As your child watches tiny caterpillars turn into butterflies right before his or her very eyes, they will learn the complete process of the Painted Lady butterfly’s metamorphosis.

So how does it work? Easy, order a larvae kit!  You don’t’ need anything fancy here, just the butterfly larvae, which comes in a cup with food, and that’s all you will need.  No need for a fancy habitat unless you plan on keeping or breeding your butterflies.

Next, watch as the tiny larvae eat, grow and change through each stage of develop as it happens right inside the cup.

Once all your caterpillars have become chrysalises, your child can either leave them inside the cup or place the chrysalis into a butterfly habitat and wait for the adult butterflies to emerge, which will be in about 7 to 10 days. Throughout the entire process, your child will keep a butterfly growth journal and learn amazing facts about the Painted Lady butterfly, such as she may travel 1,000 miles in her lifetime, she has 10,000 eyes, she can lay up to 500 eggs, she tastes with her feet and more!

What could be more exciting to a young scientist?

Once the Painted Lady butterflies have hatched, your child can experience feeding the butterflies, learning how and what they will eat. We feed our butterflies slices of oranges and other ripe juicy fruits.  And since Painted Lady butterflies live throughout North America, you can safely release them back into the environment anywhere!

Click here to watch a video on how to care for your Painted Lady Butterfly larvae.

Thank you to Carolina Biological for the learning video.

Enjoy the butterflies!



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Happy Valentine’s Day!


girl with butterfly painted lady web



















~K. D’Angelo


Butterfly heart, valentine vector illustration. Element for design

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