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Butterfly Queens at Burning Man Arts and Music Festival

Dreams of the Last Butterflies, an upcoming epic short film.

Dreams of the Last Butterflies received over $36,000 in funding of which became one of Kickstarter’s top 10 most funded projects for a short film ever!

Dreams of the Last Butterflies is a unique vision with a powerful environmental message, full of wonder, dreams, and otherworldly performers. Combining cutting-edge cinematography, fantastical costumes, epic faerie-tale poetry, and a sizzling electronica soundtrack, it will feature stunning performances by tribal belly-dancers, ballet stars, fire masters, contortionists, and many more. Dreams of the Last Butterflies is a tale about the loss of butterflies in our world, and why they are disappearing – as told by the last Butterfly Queens themselves. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Zina Brown
The Butterfly Queens

The Butterfly Queens are going to Burning Man!

Burning Man is one of the world’s largest arts and music festivals, held annually in the Nevada desert.  It’s a truly incredible event, drawing nearly 60,000 people – they come together from all over the world to create a city of dreams that rises spectacularly from the desert floor.  What better place for all 7 of Butterfly Queens to appear with their majestic wings, dancing in a desert sunrise!

For those lucky enough to be attending the Burning Man Festival this year, be sure to remember this time:  Friday morning, August 30th, right at sunrise in front of this year’s amazing pyramid Temple of Whollyness.  This is the *only* moment of the event the Butterfly Queens will emerge briefly from the dream-world, to dance for everyone and share their magic, so you definitely won’t want to miss it! They will be arriving in truly impressive style – on the deck of a massive, absolutely incredible Steampunk Airship!!  The wonderful creators of the Airpusher’s Steampunk Airship have kindly offered our Butterfly Queens a ride to the Temple so they can reserve their energy for their dance.  So when dawn is about to break, keep an eye out for the beautiful Airship gliding across the playa, and you will see the Butterflies Queens aboard.

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Make a Wish for Love…

Valentines ButterflyButterflies dance on the whispers of romance, alight upon their wings, sun-kissed, joyfully soaring into Love’s sweet bliss… ˜K. D’Angelo


Happy Valentine’s Day from Obsession With Butterflies!

Click the butterflies fluttering to visit the OWB’s Butterfly Coloring Page…
Click on the Valentine’s Butterfly Craft for instructions on how to make this Sweetheart Butterfly Craft

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Monarch Butterfly Postage Stamp

Monarch Stamp

Monarch Butterfly Postage Stamp

On May 17, 2010, the United States Postal Service issued a 64–cent, Monarch (Butterfly) definitive stamp, designed by Derry Noyes of Washington, DC.

The Monarch stamp was designed for use on large-size non-machinable greeting cards. Many cards that require the additional postage will carry an outline of a generic butterfly on their envelope to suggest to customers that they may want to purchase the new Monarch stamp!


Nationally acclaimed artist, Tom Engeman of Bethany Beach, Delaware, used images of preserved butterflies to inspire the stamp art he then created by computer. The result is a highly stylized, simplified image of the monarch rather than an exact replica.
Tom Engeman is well known for his poster and stamp designs. It was the strong shapes and bold colors of a small butterfly poster that caught the eye of art director Derry Noyes and led to the creation of the new Monarch stamp.

The artist began construction of the Monarch by drawing only half of the butterfly with a black felt-tip pen on graph paper. This drawing was scanned into Engeman’s computer, and color was added digitally.

Monarch Butterfly

Working in Adobe Illustrator software, Engeman created rough shapes that corresponded to the open spaces inside the Monarch wing and body. These shapes were built on a layer above the black-and-white drawing and were filled with flat or gradient color. Once the shapes were created and colorized, Engeman moved the black-and-white drawing back on top to yield a finished butterfly half. This half was copied and flopped to create a mirror image, and the two pieces were merged to form a complete butterfly.

Expect to see more of Tom’s beautiful butterfly images on other stamps!

Issue Type: Definitive
Issue City: New York City, NY 10199
Issue Date: May 17, 2010
Issue Series: Butterfly

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Mother Nature Goes Contemporary…

The Yellow and Winding Road

Mother Nature Goes Contemporary

Painted Lady on Hollyhock

(Vanessa cardui on Alcea rosea)

© Mother Nature, 2009

(Yellow Roads Abstract by Leaf Miner)

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The Gulf Fritillary, a young artist’s view…

The Gulf Fritillary

gulf frit 2

Divine creation can be seen painted on the canvas of a butterflies wing…© Kristen D’Angelo

Artists, young and old alike, love to capture the beauty of butterflies.

 Gulf Frit Drawing

Above, Elena, age 8, illustrates the Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae) with it’s host plant Passion Vine (Passiflora). Can you spot the eggs, caterpillar and chrysalis hidden amongst the lovely purple flowers on the drawing?

blue passion vine

Learn more about the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

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