Raise Butterflies For Your Homeschool Life Science Curriculum

Butterfly Larvae Kit

Simple Butterfly Larvae Kit

A Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae Kit will provide hours of scientific educational enjoyment for the entire family. What a perfect hands-on supplement to your home-school science curriculum!

As your child watches tiny caterpillars turn into butterflies right before his or her very eyes, they will learn the complete process of the Painted Lady butterfly’s metamorphosis.

So how does it work? Easy, order a larvae kit!  You don’t’ need anything fancy here, just the butterfly larvae, which comes in a cup with food, and that’s all you will need.  No need for a fancy habitat unless you plan on keeping or breeding your butterflies.

Next, watch as the tiny larvae eat, grow and change through each stage of develop as it happens right inside the cup.

Once all your caterpillars have become chrysalises, your child can either leave them inside the cup or place the chrysalis into a butterfly habitat and wait for the adult butterflies to emerge, which will be in about 7 to 10 days. Throughout the entire process, your child will keep a butterfly growth journal and learn amazing facts about the Painted Lady butterfly, such as she may travel 1,000 miles in her lifetime, she has 10,000 eyes, she can lay up to 500 eggs, she tastes with her feet and more!

What could be more exciting to a young scientist?

Once the Painted Lady butterflies have hatched, your child can experience feeding the butterflies, learning how and what they will eat. We feed our butterflies slices of oranges and other ripe juicy fruits.  And since Painted Lady butterflies live throughout North America, you can safely release them back into the environment anywhere!

Click here to watch a video on how to care for your Painted Lady Butterfly larvae.

Thank you to Carolina Biological for the learning video.

Enjoy the butterflies!



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