Butterfly In A Jar!

Butterfly In A Jar

Butterfly In A Jar ~ Pink Morpho

Delight and surprise your friends and family with the “Butterfly In A Jar”…. it’s pretty amazing!

Gently tap the jar once for instant action! One tap willl wake your butterfly up , two taps will make it flutter and three taps will make it flap around the glass bottle. The butterfly is also activated by ambient noise and music.

The butterflies realistic movement, colorful display and capricious behavior is bound to captivate all who look upon it.

A wonderful and delightful gift for children or anyone who loves butterflies. Choose between a monarch, yellow swallowtail, blue or pink morhpo butterflies.  Available in the OWB Butterfly Gift Shop!


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  1. Marnie
    March 6, 2011 | 6:04 pm

    OMGosh!!! You blog is absolutely amazing! I loved every bit of it from start to finish. Your pictures are incredible. My son loved looking at the cycle of life that you captured so vividly with a touch of whimsy and plenty of heart.

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