Butterfly Jungle at the San Diego Wild Animal Park

Upon a recent visit to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, I was reminded that Butterfly Houses often house more than just butterflies…

If you are looking to be dazzled by some of Mother Nature’s most colorful and gentle creatures, visit the Butterfly Jungle at the San Diego Wild Animal Park in Escondido, California (open seasonally). Upon entering the park’s main gates, expect greetings and salutations from a bright and cheerful welcoming committee.

As you make your way through the park, you will see that there are signs of butterflies everywhere.

Follow them to the exhibit, but make sure to say hello to some of the silly and sweet faces which may greet you along the way!

When you spot whimsical butterflies decorating the treetops you will know that you have arrived at the Wild Animal Park’s Butterfly Jungle.

As you wait in line under the shading trees, you can snack on some seasoned mealworms, if you dare! Hospitality and entertainment, compliments of the Wild Animal Park Staff.

Hopefully, feeling filled and content after tarrying along, you are finally ready to enter the Butterfly Jungle and view the awe-inspiring creatures you came to experience!

Oh… and don’t miss seeing the amazing butterflies which are on exhibit as well! 😉 ~Kristen

Click here to see a list of Butterfly Exhibits near you!

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  1. Damien
    September 7, 2011 | 9:10 pm

    Love it, I didnt even know half of these places where there. Keep up he good work!!

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